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I'm not sure why but I was thinking about suits and how the man wears them. A couple from early Homicide below and some others beneath the cut.

Scroll down--they're there. I have to figure out how to make these things narrower.

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I am looking for the video of this. Apparently, they removed it from the 24 Fox Forum boards (idk why. It's very confuzzling). Transcript is thanks to 24 Wikia

Many will recognize him for his role as Terry Crowley on The Shield. Some will recognize him for his role on Dollhouse. On 24, we know him as Jason Pillar. He is Reed Diamond! Shauna and I caught up with Reed in his trailer while we were shooting on location.

Find the video, save the world )
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I found some 24 series finale promo pics by Fox via 24 Spoilers

major spoilers inside )
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Reed's going to appear on the first (and probably the second) hour of 24's series finale. Hold on to your seats, guys. It's an end of an era! (and I swear, the caps and the eps will be up soonish)

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24's series finale has a heckava lot of Reed, judging by the previews.

Preview/Spoilers of 24's Series Finale )

Also, tonight's episode? Totally awesome, and I rather enjoyed Reed's performance yet again.
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And look what I found (a lot of 24-related stuff)!

I'm still looking for a high-res version of it. He looks really good in a coat and tie. <3

And looking at the pics for Madame Prez' office, I'm betting they're also using Adelle's walls or something because the offices in CTU look so familiar in a Dollhouse-y sort of way. lol.

Here are reviews from Entertainment Weekly. I'm quite surprised that they actually devoted a paragraph for Reed's portrayal of Pillar.

Recap/reviews. Mega (?) spoilers inside )

And some promo vids wherein Reed and Gregory Itzin battle for the "Who's got the bluest eyes on 24?" contest

Promo vids for 8x21 and 8x22 - spoilers for 8x22. Also, a clip from 8x21. Awesome blue eyes inside. )

I haven't watched 24 yet (and yes, I'm kind of a spoiler whore). How are you all finding it so far? XD
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So, people who like Reed Diamond/Laurence Dominic need to watch the episode of 24 that aired tonight. He's been on several episodes (3, I think?) prior to this for the season, but tonight's episode he is in familiar form. I swear I thought I was watching Laurence Dominic grace my tv screen again.

My LJ account is supposed to be deleted right now, but I had to come back only to squee a little about this.

Spoilers for tonight's 24. )

*goes back to studying/lurking*
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You'll hear his voice at :17 and see him at :20. I am not surprised that he's turning out a baddie. I mean, he's with President Logan. How can he not be a baddie? lol.

And guys, you're all welcome to post in this comm. Y'all know that right? ;)
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It seems it's a multi-arc appearance. Hee.

day 8: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Press release. Beware spoilers. )

Episode 19 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM) will be shown on April 26 at Fox
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Reed will be on 24 (Fox) later at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT.

Paul wants to thank you in advance for watching.

Reed on 24

Apr. 3rd, 2010 02:30 pm
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I'm going to thank [livejournal.com profile] shi_naynay (and her TiVo... your TiVo loves you, Shi... except for the time when it lied about Human Target :D) for giving us the heads up.

Reed is going to appear in an episode of 24, according to the episode press release that appeared in the Futon Critic.

Day 8: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM episode spoilers inside )

Hopefully, we get some Reed in the promo pics for the ep. XD


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