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FOX has released Wayward Pines' key art, press release and individual character photos.

 photo waywardpines002_zps504a34ab.jpg

The press release is long so it's going under the cut cut for description of show and the characters )
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Here's a Christmas special podcast from Culturally Fixated! Enjoy!

They talk about many things, and also, Reed's secret project! (which you will see in the description of the page!)

Holler if you have any problems with downloading the iTunes link
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For the past month, especially the second week of October, Reed Diamond has haunted my TV screen, most of which was self-induced though.

Since this comm tipped me off about RD's guest spot on the second episode of The Mentalist this season, and seeing its director was Robert Duncan McNeill, whose directing career I've been (more or less) following since his Voyager days, I gave it a shot, although I had never in my life watched an episode of that show before.
Spoilers )

Next day, next show... After David Boreanaz' Twitter entry for the upcoming episode of Bones, I thought to myself "Why not?! As far as I know, their characters on the show were buddies so Reed Diamond's character won't be the bad guy."
Spoilers )

Two days later I received my highly anticipated copy of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing in the mail and immediately committed myself to watching.
Spoilers )

Come the weekend, I was watching a random season four episode of Criminal Minds and burst out laughing when Reed Diamond's name was in the credits. I have been aware that he has had a guest appearance on that show at some point but to come across it that night was completely unexpected.
Spoilers )

Jump to Tuesday evening (after having watched the complete set of extras from Much Ado About Nothing over the weekend), when I switched on my TV set, I accidentally stumbled across a rerun of Bones, and it just so happened to be the one with Reed Diamond that had been in the previously clips of 9.04.

I guess six appearances in nine days certainly qualifies as "haunting my TV screen"...
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Here's the promo for the next episode of The Mentalist featuring the return of Reed as Red John a bearded Ray Haffner.

link, in case embed doesn't work

And here's the sneak peek.

link, in case embed doesn't work

"Red Tattoo" is the fifth episode of the Mentalist. It will be aired on October 27th on CBS 10|9c
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one. TNT has renewed Franklin and Bash for a 10-episode fourth season. It will air in Summer 2014 (x)

two. Reed will be back as Ray Haffner on The Mentalist for episodes 5 ('The Red Tattoo') and 6 ('Fire and Brimstone'), which will air on October 27th and November 3rd respectively. Here are portions of the press releases.

Spoilers, spoilers )
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TV Guide interviewed Bruno Heller and he talked about why the seven suspects might be Red John.

We asked Heller to make a case for each of the seven suspects. "All of those guys have reasons to hide aspects of their personality," he says. "It's just a question of whether they're hiding for ordinary prosaic reasons or for sinister, evil reasons."

Ray Haffner (Reed Diamond): Heller characterizes former CBI supervisor and cult member Ray Haffner as "the sort of Richard Gere-as-villain type. Smiling, charming. Maybe seems a little too shallow to be a serial killer, or too light. ... With Haffner, he always seems smiling and cheery but there always seems to be a dark cloud behind that smile. That, more than anything, would be what made me suspicious of him."

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Reed will be back on Bones on October 7th (Monday). The show airs on Fox at 8|c

spoilers spoilers! )

Comments? Violent reactions?
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Reed goes back to the Mentalist as ex-CBI agent Ray Haffner on October 6. Press release for the episode under the cut.

here be spoilers )
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This picture is from an old episode of Bones, but I included it anyway.

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I don't know if anyone's seen it yet, but I found it online.

cut for size )
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Inspired by last night's episode. Idea would NOT leave me alone. Enjoy.

Rating: R
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rogoblue
Pairing: Damien/Rachel
Summary: A bit of good news arrives for Damien.
Words: 1,700+.
Spoilers: Season 3 and the end of Season 1.
Disclaimers: The toys are not mine but the idea is.

Do you have a minute?
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Apparently, I haven't posted these here. So here they are.

 photo 012_zpsb229121a.jpg  photo 018_zps50eab3c0.jpg

8 More under the cut )

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I will contribute a thing. A couple of edits from the Much Ado About Nothing premiere.

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Short video featuring Reed Diamond courtesy of @FrankandBashTNT on twitter.

Here is a link if the embed doesn't work. http://youtu.be/rMuIYXKJfuA
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Happy Birthday, Reed! We hope you have an awesome day and an even more awesome year!

Click on the link because pretty stuff!

Artsy things from fangirls from lj and tumblr! )


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