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Happy Birthday, Reed! We hope you have an awesome day and an even more awesome year!

Click on the link because pretty stuff!

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Reed narrated the audiobook of David Simon's "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Street", which was the inspiration behind Homicide: Life on the Streets. I have been looking for an MP3 version of this since last year and couldn't find anything until now (dun dun).

You can buy it on audible.com HERE. It's an abridged version and six hours long.

Happy listening.
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So this is a bit later than I expected (32 RD pics with the Getty Watermark)

Anywho, there's only 12 so far because the other pics have the watermark on the faces or on the skin.

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If you're going to post the pics elsewhere (tumblr, fanpop, etc) please link back to this post or the community
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(aka, 32 Reed Diamond pictures ruined by the Getty watermark)

Mostly from Homicide: Life on the Streets and Journeyman. But they're mostly from H:LotS.

Photobucket Photobucket

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I don't know how I found these pictures, but the answer probably lies in Google and in Bing... and possibly this website.

photos of various sizes )
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Good time to leave 'Homicide'
Actor: He's moving on to BTC other things, says Reed Diamond, who plays Mike Kellerman on the TV show. And he has no regrets.
April 12, 1998|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,SUN STAFF

If this were a "Homicide" script, there's no way Reed Diamond would be this happy, no way he'd be leaving the cast of TV's finest drama with a smile on his face.

No, the "Homicide" writers would have had him telling someone off, or screaming about how he never wanted to leave the show in the first place, or suffering some career crisis that would have left him playing Shakespeare in the Park somewhere.

Dialing '1998' on mah time machine )
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'Homicide' losing another detective
Departing: Reed Diamond, who plays Det. Mike Kellerman on NBC's 'Homicide: Life on the Street,' will leave at the end of the season.
April 07, 1998 | By Rob Hiaasen | Rob Hiaasen, SUN STAFF Staff writer Chris Kaltenbach contributed to this article.

Well, we won't have Mike Kellerman to kick around anymore. Det. Kellerman, the struggling, "meat-and-potatoes" cop who shot and killed drug kingpin Luther Mahoney, won't be working Homicide next year.

Reed Diamond, who for three seasons played Kellerman on NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street," joins a list of show regulars who won't be back for the seventh season. The actor, who made his debut as Kellerman for the 1995-1996 season, will make his last appearance May 8 in the season finale.

Let's do the time warp again (to 1998) )
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'Homicide' duty dream assignment for cast rookie
The Baltimore Sun | July 22, 1995 | By Rob Hiaasen ,Sun Staff Writer

Reed Diamond wanted to become a police officer years ago. He thought he'd love police work, all that down-and-dirty crime-solving. He even hung out with cops -- only to learn many of them wanted to be actors.

Mr. Diamond didn't become a cop, but he will play one on TV. The 28-year-old actor from New York is the newest cast member of NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street." In its fourth season, the Baltimore-based drama begins production Monday.

Let's do the time warp again (to 1995) )
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Kellerman Creeps Back To `Homicide'
December 10, 1998 | By Mike Duffy, Knight-Ridder/Tribune.

As a cop, Mike Kellerman could be a real creep.

Which is why Reed Diamond's tormented, live-wire detective was so compelling for three seasons on NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street." But after a disgraced Kellerman was forced to resign from the Baltimore force at the end of last season, we figured that was the last of Mikey.

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Reed Diamond Finally One Of The `Good Guys'
December 07, 1995|By Christy Slewinski, New York Daily News.

Two years ago, Reed Diamond considered giving up acting to become a cop. He changed his mind when he discovered that many of the cops he talked to aspired to become actors.

Dialing 1995 in mah time machine )
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Found these on youtube (granted a few months ago. I thought I already posted it here... :|)

3 intense vids from H:LotS + 1 where Mikey eats... stuff )
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I'm not sure why but I was thinking about suits and how the man wears them. A couple from early Homicide below and some others beneath the cut.

Scroll down--they're there. I have to figure out how to make these things narrower.

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Vintage Mikey (Homicide: Life on the Streets)--Gotta light that cigarette somehow

Scroll down--the stuff is there. Promise.

"Innocent/Intense" Mikey

Random Awesomeness

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I laugh out loud every time I pull up this picture as I'm trying to sort out a bigger post with this material. So ... I thought I'd share the precursor to the expression that went with "You think?" to Echo's "This dude is tapped in from Japan."

Homicide Life on the Streets, Season 4, Episode 2--The Fire, Part 2.

Scroll down--it's there, I promise, along with a couple of bonus screencaps.

Bonus--Far Away Eyes!Mikey

Bonus #2--Three Cops Approaching the Hooker's Van (in which she is currently plying her trade)

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So, I figured, this weekend I was going to be a weepy wreck. It only seems right, being that it's the anniversery of my parents passing. But yesterday, my guy popped the big question before heading out of town for the weekend, so I'm both giddy and sad.

Anyhow, I thought since I couldn't be on any more of an emotional roller coaster than I am, I should just bite the bullet and cap a particularly wrenching episode of Homicide, 'Have a Conscience'. Those of you who know the series, know why this is a heck of an episode.

Anyhow, here's this.

Homicide Pictures of Reed from 'Wu's on First' and 'Have a Conscience'
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A shrine to what on earth were they doing with Reed's hair when he first joined the cast in pictures and commentary behind the cut.

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This scene is one of my all time favorites. This is Mike Kellerman of Season 4 in microcosm.

Pictures and mini transcript behind the cut.


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