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I think they skipped airing Franklin and Bash's penultimate episode of season four last week and aired it this week instead, with the season finale coming up next week.
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Here's the press release for 4.01 and episode descriptions until 4.07. Season 4 episode titles can be found here)

Spoiler warning.

4.01 Press Release. Premieres 13 August 2013 )

And here are the episode description for 4.01-4.07

Even more spoilers under this cut )
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I wandered into the TNT website during my googling and found that they've already set up the episode playback thingamajig on their site (they even have episode stills but there's none of Reed, so...). Here are the episode titles under the cut

This is the cut )

The fourth season of Franklin and Bash premieres on August 13th on TNT at 10 PM
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Franklin and Bash returns to your TVs on August 20th at 10 PM on TNT. The show was renewed for 10 episodes back in October and has two new cast members. | Futon Critic
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one. TNT has renewed Franklin and Bash for a 10-episode fourth season. It will air in Summer 2014 (x)

two. Reed will be back as Ray Haffner on The Mentalist for episodes 5 ('The Red Tattoo') and 6 ('Fire and Brimstone'), which will air on October 27th and November 3rd respectively. Here are portions of the press releases.

Spoilers, spoilers )
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Short video featuring Reed Diamond courtesy of @FrankandBashTNT on twitter.

Here is a link if the embed doesn't work. http://youtu.be/rMuIYXKJfuA
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Happy Birthday, Reed! We hope you have an awesome day and an even more awesome year!

Click on the link because pretty stuff!

Artsy things from fangirls from lj and tumblr! )
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Title:Solid Narrative
Rating: R
Author:[livejournal.com profile] rogoblue
Summary:Damien makes an announcement with interesting ramifications.
Spoilers:Minor throughout seasons 1-3, somewhat more so all the episodes that reference Damien’s viral video and season 2, episode 7 (Summer Girls) and season 2, episode 5 (I believe this is the one with the softball pitcher who had to prove he was gay).
Words:3,700+ .
Disclaimers: The toys are not mine but the idea is.
Author’s Note:Happy Birthday to Damien’s alter ego!

“Does anyone else desire the floor? )
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Not sure what happened to the crease in the left pant leg.:)

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It's a two-hour premiere starting at 9 PM on TNT

To celebrate this wondrous occasion, here's an HQ version of the promo picture posted a few weeks ago--

 photo 301001hq_zps461da552.jpg

And here's a review of the season 3 premiere. Heather Locklear Joins Cast of Franklin & Bash In Season Opener (it has a grade of A so, yay)
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Here's a behind-the-scenes preview of Heather Locklear in Franklin and Bash, with interviews of Heather Locklear, MPG, BM and RD!

link, in case embed doesn't work

And yes, the premiere date of 'Franklin and Bash' has been moved to June 19th. Mark your calendars!
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The show's third season will premiere on July 24th at 9 PM on TNT. Here's TNT's promo video for the summer.

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Via FrankandBashTNT on twitter. Is pretty!

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Via MPG on twitter.

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via @FrankandBashTNT--Picture of the cast from their party.

Note in particular the glass of red wine in hand. Only thing missing is a cheese wedge.



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