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Happy Birthday, Reed! We hope you have an awesome day and an even more awesome year!

Click on the link because pretty stuff!

Artsy things from fangirls from lj and tumblr! )
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Is it still July 20th in your part of the world? :D

We've got some extra special stuff under the cut!

Wardrobe review, picspams, fartsy things, oh my! )

BUT, HOW ABOUT YOU? Share your favorite picture, pic, video, what-have-you of Reed and/or his characters! LET'S CELEBRATE!
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The seating placard for the first read through at FOX for the one, the only, Laurence Dominic as twitpicced (is that a word?) by Reed Diamond.

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I'm not sure why but I was thinking about suits and how the man wears them. A couple from early Homicide below and some others beneath the cut.

Scroll down--they're there. I have to figure out how to make these things narrower.

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GrrArgh posted photos from the Echo-2 convention.

One of my faves has got to be the one where he does a back bend.


GrrArgh also says that we can use the pics for fanart, but make sure that you give credit. So. Yeah. Go go go.
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In a surprising turn of events, Reed is one of Echo-2's replacement for Amy Acker and Liza Lapira. the surprise guest at Echo-2.


I'll be looking for more pictures once they've popped up. And if one of you went to Echo-2, post your pics too. Just put a smiley face on your face if you don't want to show the internet what you look like. Lol.
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So here's a gif!

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day
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There's a bit of Reed in this clip of the Dollhouse S2 Outtake from imarogue.com. The DVD's going to be released on October 12.

Here it is

I'm just happy there's a Reed scene and an Olivia scene in the clip. <3
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schedule/sign-ups | fic prompts

There will be a lot of Reed in this thang.

I will also be putting up a poll in a few days (for different Reed-related matters *cough* screencaps *cough*) :D
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So, people who like Reed Diamond/Laurence Dominic need to watch the episode of 24 that aired tonight. He's been on several episodes (3, I think?) prior to this for the season, but tonight's episode he is in familiar form. I swear I thought I was watching Laurence Dominic grace my tv screen again.

My LJ account is supposed to be deleted right now, but I had to come back only to squee a little about this.

Spoilers for tonight's 24. )

*goes back to studying/lurking*
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I found this through Whedonesque. Enver (Gjokaj) is creating, producing and acting in a webseries called Previously on Point Dume and HitFix interviewed him about it and asked a few questions about Dollhouse.

HitFix: Absolutely, though I don't know that anybody in history has ever attempted a Reed Diamond impression...

EG: [Laughter.] Now *he* was tough. That guy was tough. Again, I did not mimic him at all. There's nothing to mimic. He doesn't really have a mimic-able thing. I just had to tell to myself, "Alright. Now you're Reed." That's all I did for that. I just sat down in the chair and I was like, "Alright, Enver. You know Reed. Just be Reed." There was a lot of stress underneath it, too. I think there was just absolutely fear that boiled it out of me. [...]

Lol, I'm now imagining Enver sitting on the imprint chair before shooting that scene in 1x11 and muttering that to himself. Haha!

Here's the entire article. He also talks about non-mimicking Fran, and how he got into the webseries.


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