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Reed will be appearing in the third episode of Agents of SHIELD. The episode will be shown on October 7, 9|10c on ABC

Episode Synopsis. SPOILERS )
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Putting the episode synopsis under the cut. Beware be spoilers in the cast list. BIG SPOILERS IN THE CAST LIST.

do not click if you don't want to be spoiled for the rest of the cast )

Agents of SHIELD season 2 premiere will be on September 23, 9PM ET on ABC
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Here's the press release for 4.01 and episode descriptions until 4.07. Season 4 episode titles can be found here)

Spoiler warning.

4.01 Press Release. Premieres 13 August 2013 )

And here are the episode description for 4.01-4.07

Even more spoilers under this cut )
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FOX has released Wayward Pines' key art, press release and individual character photos.

 photo waywardpines002_zps504a34ab.jpg

The press release is long so it's going under the cut cut for description of show and the characters )
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one. TNT has renewed Franklin and Bash for a 10-episode fourth season. It will air in Summer 2014 (x)

two. Reed will be back as Ray Haffner on The Mentalist for episodes 5 ('The Red Tattoo') and 6 ('Fire and Brimstone'), which will air on October 27th and November 3rd respectively. Here are portions of the press releases.

Spoilers, spoilers )
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Reed will be back on Bones on October 7th (Monday). The show airs on Fox at 8|c

spoilers spoilers! )

Comments? Violent reactions?
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Reed goes back to the Mentalist as ex-CBI agent Ray Haffner on October 6. Press release for the episode under the cut.

here be spoilers )
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one. Reed's White Collar guest spot finally has a date and some promo pictures. He will appear in 4.12 - 'Brass Tacks', which will be shown on January 29 at 10 PM ET/PT (USA). Here are the press release and promo pictures-- cut because the color of neal caffrey's suit is ridiculous )

two. Have some more FBI Agent Flynn "Action Man" Hayes in the second 'Corpse in the Canopy' promo--

spoilers if you watch the show )

three. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is going to have its European Premiere in the Glasgow Film Festival. It will be closing out the festival on February 24th. You can buy tickets HERE (via: whedonesque)
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Reed's back on The Mentalist as CBI Agent Ray Haffner on January 27th. Here's the press release--

ep description + list of guest stars. Spoilers )

The Mentalist airs on CBS every Sundays at 10 PM EST

Aaaaand here's the promo for this next week's Bones--

...spoilers? )
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Agent Flynn's back on Bones on January 21st. Here's the press release--

ep description + list of guest stars )

Bones airs every Monday on Fox at 8 (PM ET/PT)
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Bones' season 8 premieres on September 17, 8|7c on Fox

Press Release for the Future in the Past )
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As the second season of Franklin & Bash opens, Peter and Jared are forced to tackle a little more responsibility. After being accused of misconduct, they begin to question the loyalty of colleagues, as well as question if they are staying true to who they really are. They now face a number of truly daunting tasks to ensure partner status at Infeld-Daniels and we find out the real reason Infeld hired them.

continuation of press release + posting the only relevant promo pic from the press release )
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According to the show's press release, Reed will appear as 'Gregg' in the April 29 episode, Lost My Power (8.20)

He'll play Tom's boss.

episode synopsis and spoilers + episode preview + promo pics )
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Reed's episode (4.02 Little Red Book) will air on Sept. 29

Episode description under the cut )
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The Reed/Damien-related paragraphs + links are under the cut.

snip, snip )

So... yeah.
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Cartoon Network Ignites World Premiere of Firebreather

Network's First-Ever Original CGI Movie Airs Wednesday, November 24 at 7 p.m. (ET/PT)

press release + character descriptions and picture of Reed's character from the comic )

ETA: Here's a trailer and a clear 30-second preview in HD. Reed's character looks such a badass... even if he's in cartoon form. And the mom's a badass too. This looks cool!


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