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For the past month, especially the second week of October, Reed Diamond has haunted my TV screen, most of which was self-induced though.

Since this comm tipped me off about RD's guest spot on the second episode of The Mentalist this season, and seeing its director was Robert Duncan McNeill, whose directing career I've been (more or less) following since his Voyager days, I gave it a shot, although I had never in my life watched an episode of that show before.
Spoilers )

Next day, next show... After David Boreanaz' Twitter entry for the upcoming episode of Bones, I thought to myself "Why not?! As far as I know, their characters on the show were buddies so Reed Diamond's character won't be the bad guy."
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Two days later I received my highly anticipated copy of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing in the mail and immediately committed myself to watching.
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Come the weekend, I was watching a random season four episode of Criminal Minds and burst out laughing when Reed Diamond's name was in the credits. I have been aware that he has had a guest appearance on that show at some point but to come across it that night was completely unexpected.
Spoilers )

Jump to Tuesday evening (after having watched the complete set of extras from Much Ado About Nothing over the weekend), when I switched on my TV set, I accidentally stumbled across a rerun of Bones, and it just so happened to be the one with Reed Diamond that had been in the previously clips of 9.04.

I guess six appearances in nine days certainly qualifies as "haunting my TV screen"...
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Via Twitter. Follow the link to the downloadable podcast! I've not listened yet but the description sounds (to borrow Damien Karp's expression) Awesome! Enjoy!

And--from the man himself ...

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Thank you Joss!!!


Joss' tweet:

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This looks like it is going to be very very good and fun. Enjoy the link as my near legendary embedding woes continue unabated.


Also for your viewing pleasure--Reed in Much Ado:

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one. Reed's White Collar guest spot finally has a date and some promo pictures. He will appear in 4.12 - 'Brass Tacks', which will be shown on January 29 at 10 PM ET/PT (USA). Here are the press release and promo pictures-- cut because the color of neal caffrey's suit is ridiculous )

two. Have some more FBI Agent Flynn "Action Man" Hayes in the second 'Corpse in the Canopy' promo--

spoilers if you watch the show )

three. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is going to have its European Premiere in the Glasgow Film Festival. It will be closing out the festival on February 24th. You can buy tickets HERE (via: whedonesque)
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According to Deadline.com, it will have a June 7 opening in five markets and then broadened out on June 21.

Joss Whedon, who late last spring set the blockbuster tone for summer with the May release of The Avengers, will venture further into the warm weather season with his next film — this time aiming for the counter-programming buck. Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate have set a June 7 opening for Much Ado About Nothing, Whedon’s contemporized adaptation of the William Shakespeare play. The film will open that day in five markets and then broaden out June 21.

Source: deadline.com


Nov. 8th, 2012 09:46 pm
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one. Promo poster for Much Ado About Nothing here

two. Reed's going to guest star on Revolution (NBC). I found a promotional still captioned as Michael Harding but I'm pretty sure this is Reed. Promo picture and episode description under the cut )

three. He's going back to Bones as Agent Flynn. According to twitter, he was back on set a few days ago. I also found a picture via twitter. potentially spoilery? )

four. No date yet for his White Collar ep.
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Credit DangerGirl_Photography for the pics (make the credit visible in your post, link it back, etc).

And here'st the link: DangerGirl_Photography

Photobucket Photobucket

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This news is several days old, but in case you didn't know... Lionsgate bought the North American distribution rights to Much Ado About Nothing.

"Much Ado" will be a joint theatrical release by Lionsgate and sister company Roadside Attractions. Whedon's version of the Shakespeare comedy, with a contemporary spin, stars Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Fran Kranz, Jillian Morgese, Sean Maher, Clark Gregg and Reed Diamond.

Kai Cole and Whedon produced "Much Ago" through Bellwether Pictures, with Daniel Kaminsky as co-producer.

Kranz stars as Claudio and Denisof as Benedick.

Lionsgate released "The Avengers" helmer's "Cabin in the Woods" earlier this year.

"I'm thrilled to be working with my cronies at Lionsgate again, and with the Roadside team. That they all embrace a Shakespearean romance with the same enthusiasm they had for 'Cabin in the Woods' that they're exactly the mad fools we want to be partying -- I mean working -- with," said Whedon.full article

And here are several reviews of the film (there will be spoilers)

+ AV Club
+ Collider
+ Hollywood Reporter
+ The Guardian UK
+ Variety

And, in case you missed it--
Pictures from TIFF
Q&A portion from the first and second screening of Much Ado
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It will premiere on September 8th @ 2.30 PM. Here's a part of the programmer's notes--

Shot in just twelve days on location in Whedon's own Santa Monica home, this new Ado is a devilishly sharp celebration of banter and flirtation, unruly plots and unlikely romance, a timeless comedy brought deftly to life by its cast of trained Shakespeareans and notable members of Whedon's unofficial stock company. Whedon calls Shakespeare's play "a deconstruction of the idea of love" — but you could also just call it a good time and be done with it.
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This was a posted a few days ago via Tumblr user talkingtomars. It's from a Joss Whedon interview with CBS (here | alternate link)

It's a short clip, featuring Reed as Don Pedro with Clark Gregg (as Leonato) and Fran Kranz (as Claudio), with Alexis Denisof (Benedick) creepin' in the background.

WATCH HERE via the FY RD tumblr

Speaking of Fran Kranz, he had an interview where he mentions working with RD in the movie--

Can you tell us about your role in Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing?
[...] Reed Diamond is playing Don Pedro and he is hilarious. He's a Julliard trained actor and he knew his Shakespeare inside out, so he was a great asset on set. He knew the language and was really helpful when Joss was busy with some of the more technical stuff. Don Pedro I don't think of as one of the more flashier characters in the play, but what Reed did is one of the stand-out parts of the film. [...]

whole interview


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