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Reed appears in this short directed by Brett Weiner for NY Times' OP-Docs. In this short, a transcript of a legal deposition is dramatized, wherein the plaintiff suing a lumber company for damaging his land and chicken coop gives a bizarre testimony about... well, chickens.

link, in case embed doesn't work

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The trailer for Wayward Pines was released a few days ago during the Fox Upfronts. Sadly, it's not going to be shown this summer anymore but is now a Mid-Season Mini-Event! (BOOM! oops, wrong network).

Here's the trailer:

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Alternate trailer link: here

And here's the first look for the show:

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Putting the pics under the cut cast photo and HQ full version of released character pic from SpoilerTV )

Wayward Pines will premiere sometime in 2015.
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Here's the promo for the next episode of The Mentalist featuring the return of Reed as Red John a bearded Ray Haffner.

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And here's the sneak peek.

link, in case embed doesn't work

"Red Tattoo" is the fifth episode of the Mentalist. It will be aired on October 27th on CBS 10|9c
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Here's a behind-the-scenes preview of Heather Locklear in Franklin and Bash, with interviews of Heather Locklear, MPG, BM and RD!

link, in case embed doesn't work

And yes, the premiere date of 'Franklin and Bash' has been moved to June 19th. Mark your calendars!
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This looks like it is going to be very very good and fun. Enjoy the link as my near legendary embedding woes continue unabated.


Also for your viewing pleasure--Reed in Much Ado:

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The show's third season will premiere on July 24th at 9 PM on TNT. Here's TNT's promo video for the summer.

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Here is the second Revolution webisode--

link, in case embed doesn't work

animated!Reed's very badass (although if we're to rate the major badassery of animated!Reeds, I gotta go with his character in Firebreather, Col. Barnes)

HEADS UP: Reed will also be in tonight's episode of White Collar (Jan 29th episode | 10 PM ET (USA))
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According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC will be releasing animated webisodes based on the letters sent by Sgt. Joseph Wheatley (Reed's character) to Monroe's Militia.

NBC is debuting online webisodes every week through Feb. 18 on NBC.com, YouTube, Hulu and on VOD.

Here's the first webisode via Youtube. RD is providing the voice over for the webisodes--

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Reed's back on The Mentalist as CBI Agent Ray Haffner on January 27th. Here's the press release--

ep description + list of guest stars. Spoilers )

The Mentalist airs on CBS every Sundays at 10 PM EST

Aaaaand here's the promo for this next week's Bones--

...spoilers? )
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Reed appeared in the second episode of 'Ground Game', web series from YOMYOMF productions. It is a six-episode comedy by Aaron Hilliard.

A warning to those averse to politics

link, in case embed doesn't work

Episode description:
As campaign manager Gavin clashes with his candidate over the direction of the race, an interesting new job offer floats his way. Reed Diamond (Dollhouse, Franklin & Bash) guest stars.
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Embedded vids; putting them under a cut. I advise you not to venture to the actual youtube page for the comments because of the angry Bones fangirls. You've been warned.

Spoilers under the cut )

In case you've missed it:
Bones 8.01 HQ promo pics + Q&A interview with the Bones Executive Producers
Bones 8.01 Press Release
Bones 8.01 TV promo
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Spoilers if you haven't seen the finale.

link, in case embed doesn't work

Season 8 of Bones premieres on September 17, 8|7c on Fox

ETA: The second promo [29 August] is embedded in the comments :D
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Quote + video inside. I'm going to put this under a cut because it might contain spoilers.

Don't click if you're really into super avoiding spoilers. If not, I think it's okay? )


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