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Here's the promo for the next episode of The Mentalist featuring the return of Reed as Red John a bearded Ray Haffner.

link, in case embed doesn't work

And here's the sneak peek.

link, in case embed doesn't work

"Red Tattoo" is the fifth episode of the Mentalist. It will be aired on October 27th on CBS 10|9c
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Short video featuring Reed Diamond courtesy of @FrankandBashTNT on twitter.

Here is a link if the embed doesn't work. http://youtu.be/rMuIYXKJfuA
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It's a two-hour premiere starting at 9 PM on TNT

To celebrate this wondrous occasion, here's an HQ version of the promo picture posted a few weeks ago--

 photo 301001hq_zps461da552.jpg

And here's a review of the season 3 premiere. Heather Locklear Joins Cast of Franklin & Bash In Season Opener (it has a grade of A so, yay)
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Franklin and Bash Season 3 will be premiering on June 19th, Wednesday

The synopsis of all the 10 episodes for the season are under the lj cut. Proceed at your own risk.

spoilers )
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one. Reed's White Collar guest spot finally has a date and some promo pictures. He will appear in 4.12 - 'Brass Tacks', which will be shown on January 29 at 10 PM ET/PT (USA). Here are the press release and promo pictures-- cut because the color of neal caffrey's suit is ridiculous )

two. Have some more FBI Agent Flynn "Action Man" Hayes in the second 'Corpse in the Canopy' promo--

spoilers if you watch the show )

three. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is going to have its European Premiere in the Glasgow Film Festival. It will be closing out the festival on February 24th. You can buy tickets HERE (via: whedonesque)


Nov. 8th, 2012 09:46 pm
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one. Promo poster for Much Ado About Nothing here

two. Reed's going to guest star on Revolution (NBC). I found a promotional still captioned as Michael Harding but I'm pretty sure this is Reed. Promo picture and episode description under the cut )

three. He's going back to Bones as Agent Flynn. According to twitter, he was back on set a few days ago. I also found a picture via twitter. potentially spoilery? )

four. No date yet for his White Collar ep.
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Embedded vids; putting them under a cut. I advise you not to venture to the actual youtube page for the comments because of the angry Bones fangirls. You've been warned.

Spoilers under the cut )

In case you've missed it:
Bones 8.01 HQ promo pics + Q&A interview with the Bones Executive Producers
Bones 8.01 Press Release
Bones 8.01 TV promo
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] 206_bones for the hq pics.

Photobucket Photobucket

And here's an excerpt of a conference call interview with the show's Executive Producers Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan

putting the Reed's character-related bit under the cut )
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Spoilers if you haven't seen the finale.

link, in case embed doesn't work

Season 8 of Bones premieres on September 17, 8|7c on Fox

ETA: The second promo [29 August] is embedded in the comments :D
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link, in case embed doesn't work

I can't find the press release, but here's the episode synopsis--

When Jim finds the ex-Navy Seal owner of his favorite food truck dead in the truck's kitchen, he ends up embroiled in a heated political battle between the new wave of gourmet food trucks and the established boardwalk restaurants. Jennifer takes an active and prying interest in Jim's cases, while Callie's attempt to confront Miranda about her hostility backfires.

PREMIERE: Sunday, July 1 at 9pm/1:01am ET
spoiler tv

And check out the other guest star for this episode. ;D
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Spoilers, friends

link, in case embed doesn't work

Reed plays Special Agent Flynn Hayes. The episode airs on May 14.

Also, check out our fancy new layout (that's missing a fancy new header). The sidebar will now be featuring the schedule for Reed's tv appearances, film premieres, etc.
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The link to an article and video as provided by the man himself via twitter.

Here be spoilers!

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As the second season of Franklin & Bash opens, Peter and Jared are forced to tackle a little more responsibility. After being accused of misconduct, they begin to question the loyalty of colleagues, as well as question if they are staying true to who they really are. They now face a number of truly daunting tasks to ensure partner status at Infeld-Daniels and we find out the real reason Infeld hired them.

continuation of press release + posting the only relevant promo pic from the press release )
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According to the show's press release, Reed will appear as 'Gregg' in the April 29 episode, Lost My Power (8.20)

He'll play Tom's boss.

episode synopsis and spoilers + episode preview + promo pics )
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If I could find the embed code, I would embed the video.

As it is, here is the link (mild spoilers, I'd say--one of which made me gasp).


A sense of humor is so important and Reed seems to have a good one.

This info is courtesy of @FrankandBashTNT
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5 HQ stills from 'Good Night and Good Luck'. They're in various stages of HQ-ness, but they're between 2000px-3000px wide

Snip snip )


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