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For the past month, especially the second week of October, Reed Diamond has haunted my TV screen, most of which was self-induced though.

Since this comm tipped me off about RD's guest spot on the second episode of The Mentalist this season, and seeing its director was Robert Duncan McNeill, whose directing career I've been (more or less) following since his Voyager days, I gave it a shot, although I had never in my life watched an episode of that show before.
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Next day, next show... After David Boreanaz' Twitter entry for the upcoming episode of Bones, I thought to myself "Why not?! As far as I know, their characters on the show were buddies so Reed Diamond's character won't be the bad guy."
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Two days later I received my highly anticipated copy of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing in the mail and immediately committed myself to watching.
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Come the weekend, I was watching a random season four episode of Criminal Minds and burst out laughing when Reed Diamond's name was in the credits. I have been aware that he has had a guest appearance on that show at some point but to come across it that night was completely unexpected.
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Jump to Tuesday evening (after having watched the complete set of extras from Much Ado About Nothing over the weekend), when I switched on my TV set, I accidentally stumbled across a rerun of Bones, and it just so happened to be the one with Reed Diamond that had been in the previously clips of 9.04.

I guess six appearances in nine days certainly qualifies as "haunting my TV screen"...
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The Region 1 version of the Franklin and Bash DVD will hitting the shelves on June 19th (why does this sound like it's a tried-and-tested press release? lol). And apparently, you can pre-order it on Amazon

The DVD includes:
+ a three-disc set of Season 1 (10 episodes);
+ a never-before-released blooper reel;
+ Free first episode of “Men at Work,” created and written by Breckin Meyer;
+ 3 “Franklin & Bash” commercials, advertising the duo’s services; and
+ 7 seven behind-the-scenes featurettes, providing an inside look at the making of the show.

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Two words: Blooper. Reel.

That is all.
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Franklin and Bash Season 1 (Region 2) will be released by Sony Entertainment on November 14.

DVD Special Features Include:

+ Franklin & Bash Behind the Scenes featurette
+ Franklin & Bash Friendship featurette
+ Creating the Cases featurette
+ Behind the Behind featurette
+ Working for Franklin & Bash featurette
+ Malcolm McDowell Office Tour featurette
+ Man Cave Tour featurette
+ 3 Franklin & Bash Commercials


It seems like the special features are the extras found in the TNT website. Maybe the US version will be different (hopefully, with a blooper reel)?


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