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I don't know if anyone's seen it yet, but I found it online.

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I will contribute a thing. A couple of edits from the Much Ado About Nothing premiere.

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The show is in the iO West Theater. Admission is $10. You can reserve your tickets here (The address is also in the site)

The Armando Show is a 90-minute long improvised comedy show inspired by an audience suggestion, which the celebrity hosts interpret through a personal and truthful improvised monologue. Inspired by that monologue, a cast composed of veteran Chicago and Los Angeles alumni perform scenes that, in turn, inspire a response from Armando. This propels hilarious interchanges between Armandos monologues and the companys scenes.

LA's Best Improv - The Armando Show
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tweet, tweet

Reed is part of BookEnds' Scrabble Challenge, a fundraising event to get books in the hands of the children who need them. BookEnds, a non-profit organization based in Southern California, has donated two and a half million books since 1998.

You can get a ticket for $100, or $175 if you want to play with a teammate. Register online here. The organization also has a facebook page.

If you can't attend but want to donate, the registration page also has a donate option. :D
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Credit DangerGirl_Photography for the pics (make the credit visible in your post, link it back, etc).

And here'st the link: DangerGirl_Photography

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